5 ways to stay fit and healthy when on holiday
Girl jumping on beach on holiday

It’s officially holiday season with many of us jetting off to parts unknown over the next few months. But just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean that your fitness journey has to be too. Keeping fit on holiday (whilst still having fun) just involves some mindful choices throughout. By staying consistent with your diet and […]

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What’s the deal with workplace wellness?
sign showing wellness

Workplace wellness is everywhere nowadays. It’s standard to expect some type of gym or fitness membership, health insurance, and maybe even some free healthy snacks in many jobs – especially with office-based roles. For good reason. 91% of employees stated that health benefits in a role are important to them. Plus, we’re living in an […]

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Your summer body is just the start
girl summer body ready

Summer is only a few weeks away and the summer body slogans are out in force. Yes, everyone wants to look good when they hit the beach. But summer bodies aren’t the be all and end all. It should be less about becoming summer-ready, and more about your overall health and wellbeing. Fitness is for […]

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Group personal training sessions – a good idea?

Personal training, by its very nature, should be personal right? At least you’d think so. But sometimes, one-on-one can be a bit intimidating and you might want to bring a friend along for support. Alternatively, you might have been working out with a personal trainer for a while and you might think they’re so awesome, […]

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A day in the life of a personal trainer

Personal trainers seem to live in the gym right? Well, you’d be forgiven for thinking so, but that’s only part of the job! The working day of a personal trainer can be really varied and they might travel all over the city, or they might stay only in one gym. It all depends on the […]

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