Jay’s Way Personal Training can provide a corporate fitness and wellness programmes to help companies ensure the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Having a well thought out wellness programme can be a huge draw for new recruits and a great way to keep your current workforce happy and healthy. We can offer in-office workout sessions that incorporate a range of strength and conditioning training that can de-stress employees, help teams bond and mitigate the everyday effects of sitting in an office. This, in turn, can vastly reduce absenteeism.

As long as you’ve got a space big enough, we can bring our mobile gym equipment to you. If not, we can always set up in an outdoor space close to your office.

Some sessions that Jay’s Way Personal Training can do include boxing classes, HIIT sessions and circuits. These can either be one-off sessions or regular classes that your team will look forward to every week!

Prices are based on the number of people attending, the type of session you’d like and its regularity. Speak to us today to find out how Jay’s Way Personal Training can improve the fitness of your staff.