Hatton Boxing gloves

I’m delighted to announce that I’m now a Hatton Boxing Certified Instructor, having recently completed the Fundamentals and Advanced training. 

The Hatton Boxing course

The course covered positioning, stance and guard, correct punching technique, structuring training to meet different fitness needs, combinations, duck, slip and weave, and body shots – and much more. My clients can now benefit from this additional knowledge and experience, based on the teachings of four-time world boxing champion Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton. 

The Hatton Academy was founded in 2012 and is a multi-level programme designed for fitness professionals and boxing coaches who want to use boxing skills as part of their training. It combines correct boxing skills and functional fitness training.

The benefits of boxing

Boxing training holds many benefits, from increased strength and endurance to cardiovascular gains and mental stimulation. It’s a high energy, high-intensity activity that’s easy on the joints and offers improvements in a short time frame. It can be used for many different fitness goals, including losing weight, toning, increasing strength and stamina, improving sports performance and de-stressing. 

Through boxing, you can expect to exercise your upper body, back, legs and core. It releases endorphins (which improve feelings of wellbeing and happiness) and can improve your focus and coordination.

Boxing in my PT sessions

I always tailor my boxing training to each client, ensuring a fun and enjoyable workout that consistently gets results. Each session will challenge you and help you achieve your goals with additional benefits for your confidence and mental health. My boxing training is also suitable for couples, friends and small groups. 

Following my Fundamentals and Advanced training, at the end of September I will be completing the final level of the Hatton Boxing programme: Elite. This will provide further combinations and advanced training that I will be incorporating in all of my future sessions. 

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